Quick Jail Release in Minneapolis, MN

Twin Cities Bail Bonds offers our clients bail bond service at just 7% with payment plans if the bond qualifies. We make it even easier for our clients by offering payment plans for the remaining 3% of the bond premium that is required by law. Twin Cities Bail Bonds offers fantastic attorney referrals, most of our lawyer referrals have all been named in the Super Lawyer section of city magazines. Great service! Great Price! 24 Hours a day!

Have you missed court on bail with other local bond companies? Does your previous bondsman refuse to rebond you?

We would love to help! Look no further, we bond all properly qualified bond clients even with some history of failing to appear, with some limitations.Do the other bond companies require credit checks or collateral on bonds 5,000-10,000? Come to our company! We do not require credit checks or require collateral on most bonds. Let us provide you with the service you have never had. Let Twin Cities Bail Bonds and our friendly staff take the worry out of extra requirements that most local bond companies require. Our service is fast and worry free!

Don’t be fooled by Youtube videos that many bondsmen in the state of Minnesota feel is necessary to boast about themselves. Utilize a true, established professional bail bond company with over 40 years of combined sales and bail bondsman experience.

The Fastest Way to Getting Released

There are a number of things you can do to expedite the process of getting out of jail when you have been arrested. Contacting our bond agents is always a great start. Even if the judge hasn’t set your bail amount yet, we can begin the paperwork process and discuss payment options with you so that everything is good to go once the bail and release conditions have been announced.

If you are a loved one trying to help someone who has been arrested, then you will need to find out what jail or detention center they are being held in as well as the bail price and its conditions. We also encourage you to have the 10% fee ready or to discuss some of the different payment options we offer.

Remember, our agents deal with the courts on a daily basis. That means we know the right way to handle every aspect of the bail bond release to ensure a quick release.

Get Out of Jail Assistance Available 24/7

Sitting in a jail cell is never a comfortable experience. That is why our team makes ourselves available to you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year to ensure you do not have to spend a moment longer than necessary behind bars.

Taking advantage of our bail bond services don’t just help you get back to your normal life; it also helps you have more free money for such things as attorney fees. Private attorneys do not come cheaply, but they can also make a huge difference in your case. The more money you have on hand to pay them the better. Instead of being out 100% of your bail, our company helps you lower that number to just 10% as long as you are following all of your release conditions.

Contact us when you are looking for a quick jail release. We help clients located throughout Minneapolis, as well as the rest of Minnesota, get out of jail.