Petty Misdemeanor Bail Bonds in Minneapolis, MN

Getting arrested slams the breaks on your life. Being stuck in a jail cell has significant ramifications on your life, including your ability to earn money, pay your bills, and care for your family. Even if you are just facing petty misdemeanor charges, you could still end up stuck in a cell until a judge can hear your case.

Being released from jail is a must for most individuals facing a criminal charge and Twin Cities Bail Bonds can help with our petty misdemeanor bail bonds in Minneapolis, MN. We have more than four decades of experience working with the court system and can ensure all of your paperwork is filled out and filed correctly to expedite your release.

Purchasing Petty Misdemeanor Bonds

The price of your or your loved one’s bail is typically set depending on the individual factors of the crime and the charged person’s standing in the community. Petty misdemeanors usually are not set very high, but they can still put you in financial straits if you do not have a strong savings account.

By working with our bail bond company, you are able to get the full amount of the bail paid off for you while only having to pay, typically, 10% of the cost. For this low percentage fee, you are able to enjoy your freedom and have more money readily available for attorney fees, bills, or other expenses.

Furthermore, you will receive the help of our experienced bail bond agents to ensure you both fully understand your requirements while out on bail. This is important because a small infraction to your release conditions can end up meaning you have to pay 100% of the bail and will have to return to jail until your trial begins.

What Are Petty Misdemeanors?

For the most part, petty misdemeanors are citations or low-level tickets that end up unpaid. When these citations or tickets are unpaid, they become a warrant for arrest. When you are arrested, our bail bond agents will be there to begin to process of getting you out of jail.

Contact us if you are in need of a petty misdemeanor bond. Our bail bonds agents provide quick service to clients located throughout Minneapolis as well as the rest of Minnesota.